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The composting financial benefits of Big Hanna

There are composting financial benefits as well as environmental ones. We know that general waste disposal costs will only increase in the medium term. By investing in a Big Hanna Composter you can expect to take control of your food waste disposal costs for two decades because Big Hanna has a proven lifespan of 20 years. The first Big Hanna was installed in Sweden in 1991 and is still operating! Your likely investment return with Big Hanna will depend on:

  • Avoided disposal costs – these vary between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific island nations
  • Other factors, such as your avoided cost of compost purchases if you manage landscaping costs.

Don’t forget the non-monetary benefits too, like the engagement you will get with customers and employees through reducing your waste. Moving from ‘business-as-usual’ to ‘business-as-sustainable’ will build your brand value.

Contact us now – we can help you work out the benefits and costs and make the business case.

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Photos courtesy of Shutterstock in association with The Natural Step New Zealand.