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The environmental benefits of Big Hanna commercial composters

Environmental benefits
Fewer trucks driving less food waste on our roads means a safer, more sustainable environment for children, pedestrians, cyclists and commuters.

Less food dumped saves our atmosphere from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their harmful climate impacts.

Big Hanna’s process ‘closes the loop’ on your food waste – whatever food waste gets produced on your site stays in the local ecosystem, to be returned to the natural environment to nourish the next crop, or used on your grounds and gardens. This means less of your total waste goes to landfill – in some cases 50% or more less! This is a big environmental benefit.

The biological process in Big Hanna commercial composters is environmentally safe and green – there is no negative impact on our environment or communities. And the compost is 100% safe, nurturing the Earth and her fruits.

Onsite composting improves your environmental performance. Your environmental certification partner will recognise your efforts to reduce your environmental impact. Your environmental footprint will be improved. You may be looking to be a truly green and lean business, perhaps improve the Green Star rating of your business premises, or some other environmental accreditation. Go ahead and improve your triple bottom line by caring for people, the planet and your profitability.

Show environmental leadership to your sustainable value chain partners. It’s a highly competitive business environment, and customers now expect you to demonstrate clear leadership toward social and environmental sustainability – don’t disappoint them. You may be a member of the Green Business Council. Show eco-efficiency and real progress toward ISO 14001, Enviro-Mark, Environmental Choice NZ, CEMARS, CarboNZero, Nordic Swan, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Qualmark Enviro, Green Star or whatever eco-label you are working with. Eco-labels can be a valuable way of providing environmental assurance and Big Hanna Composter can be part of that assurance.

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