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Preserve our unique visitor experience

New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific islands have many of the World’s most beautiful, remote retreats. From Aoraki Mt Cook in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, to Uluru/Ayers Rock in Australia’s rugged interior, to the remote coral atolls and islands sprinkling the vast South Pacific Ocean – visitors are drawn to our unspoilt beauty.

The greatest challenge for responsible tourism is preserving the pristine environment that draws those guests. How can we reduce our environmental footprint when every load of waste must be carted out, burnt or buried? Ensuring a sustainable tourism industry is particularly challenging for fragile island communities.

By onsite composting all your food waste, Big Hanna can help you ensure your visitors tread more lightly on the Earth and leave only real footprints.

Glenmore Lodge – A Local Hero

Glenmore Lodge, in Scotland’s Cairngorm Mountains, is an outdoor training centre; they offer world class adventure sports and encourage many people to enjoy the outdoors more often.

The Cairngorms is one of Scotland’s best larders—game from the hills, beef and lamb from the strath, fruit and vegetables from the fertile plains and beer and whisky from the purest water! Local farmers markets sell local produce, and Glenmore Lodge’s Lochain bar sells a selection of local beer and whisky, as well as bar meals.

Glenmore’s courses include full board accommodation and they serve fresh, local food in the dining hall. Refreshments are available all day and guests always make room for the famous Lodge cake!

While Glenmore is passionate about both recycling and its fragile mountain environment, the challenge was ‘walking the talk’ when it came to the food waste coming from the kitchen, dining hall and bar.

After two waste audits and careful planning a Big Hanna T120 unit arrived during a snowstorm in winter 2010. The lodges composting success is impressive. For every kilogram of food in, Glenmore now gets 65g of compost back.

2012 saw Glenmore Lodge win two awards, a Gold Star Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme, and as winner of the Best Public Sector Environmental Provision at the Scottish Green Awards.

Read more about the Glenmore Lodge composting journey here: