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Building a better future with Big Hanna

Education Composting

Whether you’re a small Enviroschool or a major university, Big Hanna provides the easy, hygienic solution to recycling food waste into compost. Schools, colleges and universities in Canada, Ireland, France, England, Greece, Norway and Sweden all compost with Big Hanna, educating students and staff along the way. Future generations will help make a better future for the Earth by feeding Big Hanna.

The Big McGill Gorilla, Montreal

McGill University installed a Big Hanna T240 in 2010. It’s taking 200 kg of meat, fish and vegetable scraps from McGill cafeterias every day, reducing it by 90% weight and delivering compost to the campus gardens.

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Okehampton College is growing Devon’s future

With a Big Hanna, Okehampton College in Devon, England is working to:
· Help pupils and the community learn how to grow their own food
· Produce food for the Okehampton school canteen
· Compost all food waste the school produces
· Promote sustainable living in general

All food is now composted on site and students grow food for the school canteen. The project has touched 11 feeder schools and over a thousand people so far.

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