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Big Hanna defence composting sites

Defence composting facilities show leadership toward sustainability to their own people and the communities in which they are based, by composting with Big Hanna.

Trainee military chef at MoD Worthy Downs sorting and feeding the macerator / dewaterer.

Trainee military chef at MoD Worthy Downs sorting food waste and feeding the macerator / dewaterer.

Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men train military chefs

In the UK, the Ministry of Defence trains future military chefs at MoD Worthy Downs, Hampshire. The school generates 1.5 tonnes of food waste every day – a big challenge! MoD’s Defence Estates Operations was keen to address the disposal of kitchen food waste at the school in the most efficient and ecologically friendly manner possible. There Bill and Ben, two Big Hanna T240 units, turn food prep and plate waste into nourishing compost.

Major James Marshall, Chief of Staff, confirms: “We are producing from the kitchen food waste three seventy litre bags of high quality compost every week at zero cost, which we can use on the gardens and grounds. More importantly, we have also addressed our environmental responsibilities for recycling and the entire investment has proved cost effective with a calculated saving of £50,000 a year on food waste disposal costs.”

In Kosovo, Big Hanna beat swords into ploughshares

Big Hanna saw peacekeeping duty in Kosovo, under the NATO leadership of KFOR. There, four Big Hanna T120 units supported Swedish soldiers at Camp Victoria from 2000 by composting the camp’s food waste. The compost was distributed to local Kosovan farmers to help grow crops. The Big Hannas ended their successful mission when the soldiers returned home from Kosovo in 2011.