Italian donkeys Lemon and Gina say ‘Nay!’ to food waste

//Italian donkeys Lemon and Gina say ‘Nay!’ to food waste

Italian donkeys Lemon and Gina say ‘Nay!’ to food waste


The historic town of Montalto Ligure

Montalto Ligure is a remote village with about 365 inhabitants, in North West Italy. An almost untouched place, the town is difficult to reach but very pretty. Now inhabitants have said ‘Basta!’ to garbage trucks spewing diesel fumes and chewing up their historic alleys. Lemon and Gina, a pair of donkeys, provide the ‘door to door waste collection’, carrying baskets loaded  with food waste, glass, cans etc. They complement an electric powered ‘porter’ vehicle, and completes the virtuous ‘zero impact’ circle. Almost all waste is now destined for recycling plants.


San big Hanna

Montalto Ligure residents and their new Big Hanna T60

 To reduce food waste at source, a Big Hanna composter model T60 was installed. The Big Hanna will transform food waste into compost which will be used in the area.

The people of Montalto Ligure are now close to achieving Zero Waste – a huge achievement for a small town.



Photo of Lemon and Gina lookalikes (not actual donkeys) courtesy of Shutterstock in association with The Natural Step New Zealand.

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