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The solution – on-site composting with Big Hanna!

The solution
If you have got food waste, and people with a passion to make a difference, then you need Big Hanna.

Big Hanna is a fully automated in-vessel, on-site composter. Put your food waste into Big Hanna on a daily basis, and she will turn your food waste into sweet, clean compost, and reduce its weight by up to 9/10ths. The process is simple, user-friendly and clean. You load all your food waste in one end of Big Hanna and get compost from the other end.

It’s called ‘closing the loop’. By on-site composting where we live or work, we show leadership toward sustainability. Importantly, we make our streets safer for children, pedestrians and cyclists by avoiding unnecessary truck movements.

The Swedish philosophy and technology behind Big Hanna is simple – Big Hanna gives commercial premises and multi-unit dwellings  a clean and easy system to deal with their food waste problems on a local basis, saving truck movements, precious landfill space and, of course, carbon emissions!

How it Works

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock in association with The Natural Step New Zealand.