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Food waste is a big problem

Food waste is a big environmental challenge and it’s getting bigger. Food waste now accounts for over 25% of all waste to our landfills, filling those landfills up and filling our busy roads with trucks and vehicle emissions.

It gets worse! For each tonne of food waste dumped, dangerous greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) equivalent to one tonne of CO2 are generated, contributing to environmentally damaging climate change. But when food is dumped into landfill, it doesn’t just release CO2 – it rots into methane, an even more potent greenhouse gas and major contributor to climate change.

Then there’s the ever-increasing cost of commercial waste collection. Restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, offices, prisons, defence bases – any environment where food is produced or consumed in commercial quantities – have few options to avoid the high cost of collection and dumping. Worm farms and bokashi can help solve the problem. However both these options take space and precious staff time, and can only process relatively small quantities each day. A more financially sustainable solution is urgently required.

If you’re in tourism or hospitality, you want your operation to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. To maintain Qualmark Enviro Gold status, for example, you need to push forward with new low carbon and environmental management actions. As a producer of sustainable products or services, eco-labelling and environmental accreditation requires you to show environmental leadership. Enviro-Mark, CEMARS, CarboNZero, Environmental Choice NZ – all of them challenge you to assess your environmental impact and environmental performance, understand the life cycle analysis (LCA) of your products and demonstrate to your sustainable value chain that you care about environmental performance.

Luckily, Swedish passion for both design and the environment has given us a truly commercial clean technology solution. Recycle, gain meaningful emissions reductions and show environmental leadership with Big Hanna Composter.

The Solution

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