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Big Hanna – how it works

Simple and practical

It is simple and practical because the most unpleasant fraction of the waste stream – the food waste, is being dealt with hygienically on a daily basis. You empty your food waste into Big Hanna Composter every day. The average process time inside the machine is 6-10 weeks. The aeration and turning is done automatically which means that the natural decomposition process works perfectly from start to finish. The finished compost is automatically fed in to a bag or bin ready to be mixed with soil or put on maturation bay. The composting process takes place in an in-vessel composting unit so there are no unpleasant odours on-site. Our customers have all high demands on an economical and functional handling of food waste. We have a vast experience from our many installations and can make sure that the whole chain, from food waste to compost, works as smoothly and simple as possible.


The ventilation system supplies air to the biological process

The material is aerated when the air is pulled through the cylinder by the fan. The ventilation system makes it possible to take care of and avoid bad smells. Usually the air is led into the sewage. If this is not possible the Hanna biofilter is a good option.

Electricity consumption is very low

The cylinder is usually rotated 1 minute every hour only. The biological process generates a temperature of 55-65ºC and this is why the energy consumption is low even if the machine is installed outdoors. When the temperature between the hood and cylinder drops below 0ºC there is a heater that pre heats the air before it goes into the cylinder.


Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors make it possible to monitor the composting process from the digital display. All models(with the exception of the T40) are now equipped with temperature sensors inside the cylinder. The temperature is measured at three locations in the cylinder, the front, middle and back. The temperature is shown in the digital display at all times showing the current temperature. The digital display can be connected to a PC and the temperature in the cylinder can be logged and the process controlled from the PC.

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