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Commonly asked questions about Big Hanna

A. Yes. Unlike worm farms, Big Hanna composts practically ALL food waste – including fish, meat, dairy, eggs, bread and citrus, You can’t compost bones, of course – if they go in, they’ll come out again as bones.
A. ‘Close the loop’ on waste – just like Nature herself does! Improve the soil, grow your own vegetables and herbs, bag it for fundraisers, or give it to staff and customers.
A. Because Big Hanna is a closed vessel made from high quality Swedish stainless steel, she is pest-proof! No flies or rodents can get in!
A. The biggest contribution you can make to eliminate nuisance garbage odours is getting rid of foul-smelling skips and bins from your site – by choosing Big Hanna instead! Big Hanna uses an aerobic, sweet composting process and is installed in your choice of one of three possible ventilation systems. This means that should any odours arise, they are eliminated.
A. Big Hanna is fully automated and easy to operate. We provide training and an optional service contract. Your staff can expect to spend about an hour a week changing the compost bin and doing a few routine checks.
A. Big Hanna handles commercial scale food waste, from 75 to 3,600 kg of food waste each week! If your weekly food waste mass is greater than 3,600 kg/week, there are even more options in the Big Hanna range. There’s a choice of five different Big Hanna models and three different configuration options – one for every size business! The secret is understanding your weekly food waste, then right-sizing for your needs. Contact us – we can help with this.
A. Big Hanna has a small footprint – and you can site her inside or outside the kitchen.
A. We can offer installation, commissioning and service contracts – a full turn-key solution!
A. Like all composting processes, the microbes in Big Hanna need carbon for energy. This is provided in the form of wood pellets or sawdust, which we can supply, or you can find your own. If you use the optional Big Hanna Biofilter rather than plumbing to wastewater, we also supply the consumables for this.
A. Yes. Talk to us about your specific needs

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