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Support where you need it

When you choose to compost your food waste with Big Hanna, you get far more than just world-leading composting technology. You get support options tailored to your site’s needs, including:

Finance, leasing and rental options

You want Big Hanna’s environmental benefits but don’t want to tie up precious capital then consider a finance leasing or rental option. Or you simply want finance to invest in your onsite composting. Or your business may be poised for growth and you want the flexibility of upgrading Big Hanna. Either way we will listen to your needs and help find a solution that will get you enjoying the benefits of Big Hanna without the full risk of ownership.

‘Growing Our Community’

You’re doing your bit for the planet by turning food waste into compost. But maybe you have no grounds or gardens, and your customers and staff can’t quite use all the compost. Big Hanna’s ‘Growing Our Community’ program will match your business up with a local school or community garden where it will be put to good use to nourish the Earth and grow fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers. We’ll even collect it for you and get it to where it’s needed most.

Site surveys and waste audits

We will meet your team and visit your site to identify which Big Hanna composting system is most suitable for you. We strongly recommend a recent waste audit to ensure you get the Big Hanna system best suited to your needs. We can introduce you to environmental consultants who deliver waste audits in accordance with the New Zealand Ministry for The Environment’s Solid Waste Analysis Protocol (SWAP). These consultants are fully independent from Big Hanna to ensure the advice you get is impartial.

Service agreements and quality

From the same Swedish town that brings you Volvo cars and trucks, Big Hanna is reliable, with the first unit delivered in 1991 still in operation! We can provide ongoing process monitoring, an annual service check and non-routine support. We can also arrange routine testing of your compost to the New Zealand Standard for Compost, Soil Conditioners & Mulches (NZS4454:2005).

Turnkey solutions

Our turnkey project management option makes installation and commissioning a breeze. If there are site works involved we can even manage these. Inside installations in a utility area or kitchen are straightforward but you may want to create a separate structure or shelter outside. We can help.

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