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Big Hanna accessories & supplies

Drainage trolleys – clean & easy handling

Drainage TrolleyFood waste from restaurants/canteens is often quite wet. To make the best, sweetest compost efficiently food waste should be drained of excess water. We offer 10 and 25 litre trolleys to make drainage and handling of your food waste easy and clean.

To read more about the Big Hanna Drainage Trolley:

Macerator/de-waterer – recycle 50% more food waste

Macerator / DewatererBig Hanna’s capacity can be increased by up to 50% with the optional Big Hanna macerator/de-waterer. Even more food waste can be recycled!

To read more about the Big Hanna Macerator / De-Waterer:

 Big Hanna Macerator Dewaterer

Shredder option – boost your capacity

ShredderAn optional shredder can be installed in between the in-conveyor and the composting cylinder on Big Hanna models T60 and T120. The shredder cuts the food waste and increases the capacity of the Big Hanna composter.

Hanna Biofilter– the sweet smell of success

BiofilterA well-managed Big Hanna composting system does not create an odour but as a matter of good design practice the ventilation system should be taken from the installation site. We offer three design options to achieve this, including the revolutionary and natural Hanna Biofilter

To read more about the Big Hanna Biofilter:

 Big Hanna Biofilter

Terrabiosa – the natural solution

Terrabiosa is a solution of natural sugars, enzymes and live microbes – a natural probiotic that ensures your optional Hanna Biofilter functions properly. We supply Terrabiosa in 3 litre units.

Bin-lift Hanna – ideal for larger sites

Ideal for where food waste is collected from remote or larger sites, we offer an 80 litre bin-lift option (and bins) for Big Hanna T240 and T480 models.

Bin Lift
To read more about the T240 Bin Lift:

 Big Hanna T240 BinLift

Wood pellets

The beneficial microorganisms that create sweet compost need energy to do their work. Wood pellets or sawdust provide that energy. We provide wood pellets from sustainably managed New Zealand or Australian forests in bulk or bags.

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