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Environmental sustainability

environmental-sustainabilityBluefin Limited, the parent company of Big Hanna Composter Limited, can help you deliver a sustainability strategy for success. We cover the triple bottom line, or TBL, of sustainability, including social, environmental and financial sustainability (‘people, planet, profits’).

Bluefin’s sustainable business strategies start with a clear understanding of sustainability and the role it plays in sustainable development. Bluefin can help you: Identify your sustainable value chain, identify sustainable products and services, set your sustainability policy and undertake sustainability reporting.

People, Planet, Profit

Bluefin has deep expertise in social sustainability initiatives. We especially offer clear leadership in environmental sustainability. Our approach to financial sustainability can be summed up in the saying, ‘Profit is like oxygen – necessary, but not sufficient for life.’ We always have an eye to the business case.

It helps that we speak the language of business sustainability at any level – governance/board, the ‘C-suite’, managers, specialists, government, consumers or advocacy groups. Some organisations talk about corporate social responsibility, or CSR. Some, like the Sustainable Business Council, or SBC, refer to sustainability reporting or environmental reporting tools like the Global Reporting Initiative, or GRI.


Some of Bluefin’s clients wish to focus on eco-labels, or environmental accreditation, working with an established eco-labelling or environmental certification provider. These range from Enviro-Mark, to Qualmark Enviro, to ISO14001. Bluefin’s clients may also want to provide assurance to their supply chain around the environmental performance or environmental footprint of their products, or their business premises. They might choose to undertake life cycle analysis or LCA, or opt to demonstrate their products are eco-friendly by eco-labelling their premises Green Star, and their products Environmental Choice NZ.

Lean and green eco-efficiency

Green business is lean business and such green and lean eco-labels clearly signal the environmental benefits of your customers using your products and services. In turn, your sustainable value chain partners want to understand the environmental impact of your offer. Bluefin can help you navigate the path to eco-efficiency.

Environmental leadership

Other clients may wish to show environmental leadership to environmental challenges by implementing very specific actions, whether they are around reducing carbon, protecting biodiversity, reducing or recycling waste (for example, see ‘Big Hanna Composter’), renewable energy or targeting and monitoring energy efficiency.

Low carbon actions

Climate change, from ever-increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) You can demonstrate carbon footprint reductions to your sustainable value chain partners and show them you’re serious about GHG. CarboNZero or CEMARS or are useful frameworks for showing serious actions on carbon mitigation. You may even aim to become a carbon neutral organisation. Emissions reductions are the name of the game, and measuring and verifying those CO2 emissions is valuable.

Systems understanding

For clients who need and want in-depth understanding of the underlying principles of sustainable business, Bluefin uses The Natural Step framework and workshop topics including natural resources, natural capital, ecosystem services and cleaner production. We’ll tailor learning to suit.

CleanTech meets behaviour change for better environmental results

Clean technology can help meet the sustainability and environmental challenge, as can behaviour change. With experience in both technological and behavioural approaches, Bluefin can help. We’re part of clean technology networks and skilled in behavioural science.

Contact Shaun Bowler, Managing Director of Bluefin Limited.

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