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Bluefin Limited

Bluefin Limited is proud to be the New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Island distributor of Big Hanna composters. Bluefin was founded in 1999 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. We work closely with the company behind Big Hanna Composter. The global Big Hanna Composter network draws on vast experience from many installations and can make sure that the chain from food waste to compost works as simply as possible.

Bluefin also delivers a range of other environmental sustainability solutions. Our customers and clients have included manufacturers, professional services and central and local government including Jasmax, Heinz Watties, New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment, Norske Skog Tasman, and many others.
Shaun Bowler is Managing Director of Bluefin Ltd.

Contact Shaun here or see ‘Environmental sustainability


Bluefin Associations

Bluefin Limited is associated with The Natural Step, a globally recognized NGO with deep expertise in sustainability, solutions-oriented innovation and transformational change processes. Shaun Bowler is an accredited Natural Step advisor and Bluefin endorses The Natural Step for business. We gratefully acknowledge The Natural Step New Zealand and Shutterstock for providing some of the inspiring images of sustainability on this website. Bluefin is also a member of the Waste Management Institute of New Zealand (WasteMINZ).