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The clean and easy solution for commercial food waste

Eliminate food waste collection costs

There are financial incentives as well as environmental ones. We know that general waste disposal costs will only increase in the medium term. By investing in a Big Hanna Composter you can expect to take control of your food waste disposal costs…


Care for our precious environment

Say NO to transportation of food waste – make the sustainable choice instead! Fewer trucks driving less food waste on our roads means more useable streets for children, pedestrians, cyclists, commuters…


Reduce greehouse gas emissions

Composting onsite with Big Hanna will reduce your carbon footprint. If food waste is dumped the food waste rots and produces methane gas. Methane is 25 times more damaging to our climate than CO2 itself…


Who needs Big Hanna

Big Hanna is in hospitality, businesses and communities in more than 25 counties around the world. Big Hanna is in both public service and private enterprise, for people managing defence and correctional facilities, to offices, schools, universities, hotels, apartments, restaurants, resorts, consulates and even remote island communities.


How Big Hanna works

It is simple and practical because the most unpleasant fraction of the waste stream – the food waste, is being dealt with hygienically on a daily basis. No more smelly skips with putrefying food waiting for collection right outside your back door! You empty your food waste into Big Hanna Composter every day. The average process time inside the machine is 6-10 weeks.

The aeration and turning is done automatically which means that the natural decomposition process works perfectly from start to finish. The finished compost is automatically fed in to a bag or bin ready to be mixed with soil or put on maturation bay. The composting process takes place in an in-vessel composting unit so there are no unpleasant odours on-site. Our customers have all high demands on an economical and functional handling of food waste.




Big Hanna in more than 25 countries

Q: What do the following have in common?

The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK; London’s O2 and Kew Gardens; Coca-Cola’s headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey; McGill University in Montreal, Canada; the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, India; a tiny Italian town 80 km north of Rome, Villa San Giovanni; an Ohio State prison in the USA; a high school in Umeå, Sweden; the world’s most remote restaurant in the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Islands; Glenmore Lodge in Scotland’s Cairngorm Mountains?